The extent to which the Covid-19 pandemic has affected children’s education may not be fully recognisable for a number of years. According to research, 49% of parents and guardians felt that their children struggled with their education during the pandemic due to ‘limited parent/carer time to support’, 16% believed a lack of appropriate resources was the cause.

As a result, it is crucial to gain understanding of how to support your child to reduce the effects the pandemic may have had. There are various ways that you can offer academic guidance, from talking to other parents and obtaining advice or hiring a private tutor to help your child with subjects they might be struggling with.

As a parent, it can be overwhelming if you are unsure whether your child requires extra academic guidance and how you can guide them. We'll cover the following topics to help you understand what you can do if you find your child is struggling:

  • Signs your child needs academic support

  • How to support your child at school

  • How to support your child at home

  • How can Think Tutors can offer educational guidance

At Think Tutors, we offer private tutoring support tailored to your child’s academic needs. You can contact us online to find out more about how we can support your child’s learning with online tuition, homeschooling or mentoring.

Signs your Child Needs Academic Support

It is also important to support your child’s learning at home, especially if they don’t enjoy school or don’t respond well to their teachers. You can offer them academic guidance outside the confines of school with the following:

  • Tutoring support - One of the most valuable ways to support your child’s learning is to complement their schooling with private tuition. From online tutoring to Summer classes, Think Tutors provides bespoke academic support for all subjects at every level. Our exceptional tutors will improve upon problem areas, and can adapt their sessions depending on what suits your child best, whether that means developing time management skills or breaking down algebra equations. Contact us to learn more about how we can provide your child with the educational help they need.

  • Homeschooling - If you are concerned that your child is struggling in school, you might decide that homeschooling is the best option for them. There are many benefits of homeschooling as it is convenient and tailored to your child’s academic strengths and weaknesses. At Think Tutors, our homeschool tutors are happy to travel around the world with your family to ensure they can support your child in the best way possible.

  • Educational resources - There is a plethora of academic resources available to students, both online and physically. From practice exam papers to educational games, video tutorials to workbooks, there are so many opportunities to support your child outside of the classroom. You will also find many apps designed to provide additional learning support, whether it be with organisational and developmental skills, or offer educational guidance on specific subjects.

  • Build their confidence - Children who are struggling at school may lack the confidence to improve and thrive. If you are wondering how to build confidence in children, start by talking positively about education and share examples of when you overcame obstacles. At Think Tutors, we offer mentoring support to help students achieve academic success in a happy and healthy manner and, in doing so, build their confidence. If your child is struggling with a creative subject at school, developing confidence is also a great way to nurture creativity.

Bring school to life - Using real world examples can give your child the educational guidance they need to understand a topic. It can put their learning into context and provide them with a new way of understanding it. You could take them to the supermarket to learn about percentages or to a museum to consolidate their knowledge on the Victorian era.

Contact Think Tutors for Academic Support

It is not unusual for children to struggle with school at different times in their life, particularly with the impact of the pandemic being especially hard on students. From talking to teachers, to building confidence, utilising educational resources and understanding the syllabus, there are many ways that you, as a parent or guardian, can support your child with academic guidance.

If you are wondering how to support your child at school in the best way possible, you might consider private tuition, such as online tutoring, homeschooling, or mentoring. Whether your child is studying for their GCSEs, A Levels or is in their younger years, we offer tailored tutoring services to provide your child with the academic learning support they need to thrive.

If you have an enquiry about educational support for your child, and you want to find out more about our private tuition services and mentoring, then please contact us and we will be in touch shortly.