'From a very early age, I've had to interrupt my education to go to school’. The Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw declared that his education outside the classroom walls was more important than within. Today, George Bernard Shaw would be glad to know that with a smartphone, opportunities for knowledge are at the fingertips of students of all ages and learning styles. From mastering dative propositions in German, to learning the capital city of the Republic of Nauru (Yaren), students are spoilt by a myriad of brilliantly interactive educational apps. For this blog, we spoke to Think Tutors’ education advisors and tutors to see what they are using with their students.

1) Khan Academy

Used by a number of our expert tutors, Khan Academy is a free app with an extensive library of maths and science videos, exercises and more. Khan Academy is very interactive, and challenges students of all levels to undertake quizzes and interactive questions with helpful videos and hints as a safety net for when learning gets tough.

2) BBC Bitesize

For us, BBC bitesize is synonymous with GCSE and Scottish Highers revision. Now in app form, users are offered in-depth and consistently updated content for many subjects. The layout and functionality is simple, making it easy to concentrate, revise, and importantly, absorb information.

3) Quizlet

Learning languages takes repetition, diversification of learning techniques, and a considerable amount of patience. Quizlet is a flashcard app which smoothens the process for language learners of all ages and abilities. Students are learning from the moment they log in and start creating flashcards, to when they are practicing the flashcards through the ever-growing variety of interactive games.

4) StudyGE

With both of our directors’ academic backgrounds in Geography, it goes without saying that a Geography app will feature somewhere in our Top 5. StudyGe facilitates the learning of capitals, flags and countries with interactive games, an aesthetically pleasing moving map and clever animations.

5) TED

As the George Bernard Shaw quote at the start of this blog suggests – a thorough education is far more than what is learnt in the classroom. Listening or watching TED talks via the slick TED app are an excellent way to learn about the fascinating developments at the forefront of Science, Maths, Linguistics and more. The format is simple but effective; an expert speaks for twenty minutes or more about their topic. The results are truly fascinating, and a great medium to expand education beyond the walls of the classroom.