Embarking on a British Education Abroad

The British education system is steeped in tradition, world-renowned for its attention to detail and reputation for being at the forefront of cutting-edge teaching methodologies. One of our most frequently asked questions, therefore, is can my child reap the benefits of British education without being in the United Kingdom? If you are an expat or live abroad, we can provide tuition to suit your family. This insight into International Tuition will create a clear picture of the assortment of tuition we undertake outside the British Isles. From Homeschooling to International Tuition, we are confident there is an academic solution to suit each family.

Homeschooling (residential and online)

International Homeschooling is Think Tutors most comprehensive option for parents looking to recreate a British Education abroad. With the freedom to design an education to suit the strengths and weaknesses of your children, International Homeschooling is both flexible, convenient, and highly effective. With each assignment tailored to your requirements, we organise travel, accommodation and any other logistical arrangements in addition to schooling.


If you have any further questions about Homeschooling, please read our previous insight about whether Homeschooling is the right option for you.

Independent School Entrance

It is a mystery to us why international school placement consultancies don’t always offer tuition for students they are assisting with UK school entrance. We wanted to correct that. We know the UK independent school landscape, and have experience not only helping children through the admissions process, but also guiding families through the entire admissions journey. From choosing the right school, to accepting a place, Think Tutors provides a personalised service to smooth the process for the whole family.

Educational Directors

Think Tutors’ Educational Directors understand education, and are practiced at coordinating a child’s educational journey to ensure that all activities, within and beyond the curriculum, are goal orientated and driven by purpose. Working closely with the entire family, Education Directors perform a variety of functions, including, but not limited to:


  • Admissions assistance for nursery, school and university entrance.
  • Tuition across the curriculum.
  • Mentoring.
  • Arranging work experience and internships.
  • Organising high-performance young athletes.


Our Educational Directors can speak a number of languages, and are often based permanently outside the UK. If you have any questions about how an Education Director can support your family, please get in touch.

Hourly Tuition

Subject specific tuition can take place both online, or in-person. With options from Early Years and ISEB Pre-Test to Post-Graduate, our close network of professional tutors and elite mentors means subject specific tuition is possible in any location, for any subject, at every level. Our success rates are extraordinarily high, with 100% grade improvement across all ages.

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Parents across the world are interested in investing in an authentic British educational experience. From Singapore to Luxemburg, Think Tutors are trusted providers of international tuition – a clear voice in a sea of noise. If you have any questions about how Think Tutors can help your family, please contact us.

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