How Can a Mentor Help Your Child?

At Think Tutors, we understand that all students are different, and there are many routes to success in both academia and life. However, all students should be given the tools to reach their full potential. To us, this is non-negotiable. An often overlooked option is the academic mentor. Practiced at equipping students of all ages with the skills, techniques and attitudes required to be successful in academia, Think Tutors’ academic mentors are both experts in their field, and trained to increase confidence when it is needed most. This insight into mentoring will help you decide whether your family need a mentor or a tutor, and, in the process, shed light on the many advantages of employing a professional mentor for your child.

What is the difference between a tutor and a mentor?

One of our most commonly asked questions is the difference between a tutor and a mentor. Whilst both our professional tutors and mentors are motivated by the same goal – to improve results – their methods can be different.


Tutors are focussed on both specific content, be it GCSE or iGCSEA-LevelIB or Early Years tuition. Although sessions are designed to improve study skills, they are specific to the subject being studied.


Academic mentors on the other hand are educational chameleons; not focussed on specific content, rather, the skills, techniques and mindsets responsible for academic success across the board. Sessions are more holistically designed to help a child develop and exceed their educational goals, and can take place over the long-term or in the lead up to exams.


However, the line is often blurred. Our professional tutors care deeply about a student’s welfare, and will commonly suggest methods to ensure they are studying in a healthy and happy way. It is their responsibility to manage workloads, and spot when a student is working too hard, or not hard enough.

Who benefits from mentoring?

Learners of all ages can benefit from time with a professional mentor.


At Early Years level, our mentors will consider early learning techniques, building a foundation for future success by setting in motion lasting learning habits which will ensure they are ready for the challenges to come.


For older students, such as at GCSE or A-Level, pressure is very high, and students are challenged consistently to perform highly amid competing deadlines. A mentor will focus on organisation, scheduling and goal-setting in order to improve a students capability, and ultimately improve results in the long-term.


At the highest level of tuition we offer, university undergraduate or postgraduate, a professional mentor can help you make the most out of your higher education. From making sure meet deadlines effectively, to perfecting your research techniques and writing a bibliography, Think Tutors mentors are au fait with the challenges of university life and practiced at getting the best out of each student.

Who are Think Tutors’ mentors?

Think Tutors utilise a close network of the best professional tutors and mentors anywhere. Speaking many different languages and with experience at some of the world’s most elite institutions, our mentors are practiced communicators and know how to drive results for all the students they work with. Please contact us for more information on mentoringtuitionhomeschoolingadmissions advisory and more.

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