Introduction to International Baccalaureate and A-Level Tuition

A-levels and IB courses are taken throughout your son or daughter’s final two years at school, with exams taken at the end of Year 13. If your child is taking A-levels they will study three chosen subjects and if they elect to take the International Baccalaureate (IB) they will study six subjects.

At Think Tutors, we provide expert A-level tuition and IB tuition on all subjects. All our tutors are elite in their respective field with at least an undergraduate degree and often a postgraduate degree in their chosen subject, so we can ensure you are getting the best A-level tutors or IB tutors available.

What are A-Levels and IB?

When a student comes to study at A-level or IB level, they often come as quite a shock to many students and families due to the significant step-up in the level of complexity required for coursework and exams.

A-levels and IB courses have more of an emphasis on self-study than GCSEs/IGCSEs. They are geared more towards developing one’s own ideas beyond the taught curriculum including the introduction to academic papers. This is an intentional challenge to prepare your child by having them experience the level required at a top university in the UK or internationally.

The International Baccalaureate (IB) has a well-founded reputation for being more difficult than A-levels, both in the exams and coursework. Containing six subject groups, with a core module comprised of Theory of Knowledge, an extended essay and a Creativity, Action and Service module, the IB is a comprehensive and rewarding educational path to take.

The 4000 word extended essay is on a subject matter of your child’s choice. It needs to be something that the student is deeply interested in as it will take time, dedication and perseverance to achieve a great result. The idea of the extended essay is to prepare students for undergraduate style essay writing and research. Thus, the IB does put your child at an advantage upon starting university as they have been exposed to a significant piece of writing which many A-level students won’t have, unless they have taken the EPQ.

What is the EPQ?

As part of A-levels there are now an increasing number of schools offering The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) which is a more sophisticated piece of research and coursework independent of any A-level subject. The EPQ gives students the opportunity to write an extended piece of work (minimum 6000 words) on a subject of their choice, which must be fully referenced using academic papers.

The EPQ provides vital experience in planning, implementing and reflecting on a piece of work which is more akin to undergraduate study. On completion of the written work the student must also defend their content and ideas in a presentation or viva to ensure they have well-constructed arguments and have critically thought through their content.

If an A grade is achieved in the EPQ, many universities offer a grade reduction in A-level entry requirements. For example, if the grade offer for a university place was originally AAA, it may be reduced to AAB if the student has an A grade EPQ.

A-Levels & IB Tuition

At Think Tutors, we provide subject specific A-level tutors and IB tutors who are elites in their respective fields. Each of our tutors also have years of experience in guiding students through coursework and exam preparation, always providing enthusiastic and engaging sessions to ensure that each student can excel and reach their full potential.

To both drive success and alleviate stress during this period we recommend having full-time tutors starting with two hours per week in each subject your child is taking at A-level or IB over the course of the two years. This will help your son or daughter stay focused and calm.

We can offer long-term A-level tuition or IB tuition for your son or daughter, or alternatively we can provide more immediate assistance in a more intensive period - whichever is best for your child.

Our A-level tutors and IB tutors can operate face-to-face and online to make the tutoring process as easy and convenient as possible for your family.

A-Level Tutors

If you require A-level maths tutors, or Science including A-level biology tutors, A-level chemistry tutors and A-level physics tutors, Think Tutors has an option for you. Along with A-level Physics, Biology, Maths and Chemistry tuition we have specialist tutors in all A-level subjects.

IB Tutors

Similarly, we offer our services for IB tuition as well. This includes IB English tuition and IB maths tuition. We are able to provide an IB tutor in the form of a mentor to help your son or daughter through the process of undertaking an IB course.

Our tutor was exceptional, showing the ability to convey
the course content in a simple yet concise manner,
making it easy to pick up and remember.

A-level student.

Thank you once again for the support
and guidance that you and Sebastian gave to our students,
it definitely did have a positive impact.

Head of Sixth Form

A stroke of brilliance.

Chris, father of BSc Geography dissertation student.

I now feel confident to take my exams and would like
to thank them for their patience and commitment
towards achieving my goal.

A-level student.

Very quick to reply to our initial search for a geography
tutor. They clearly have excellent knowledge of the
subject and the current curriculum.

Andrea, mother of A-level student.

James knows a lot about University
testing procedures and was able to give
advice on a difficult course.

Rhea, mother of BSc Astro Geochemistry student

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