The digital world is reaching further into the lives of students as each year passes. Embracing this revolution can bring changes to a student’s ability to study, organise themselves and succeed at all levels. This guide lists some of the most useful smartphone applications out there.

Reference Resources:

1. Oxford Dictionary of English

One of the most useful applications to have in your pocket is the Oxford Dictionary of English. No classroom is without one and thanks to this app, no student’s pocket need be without one! Carrying the physical version around is just simply impractical.

Getting things done:

2. Microsoft Office

Now part of Microsoft 365, a subscription-based service, software stalwarts like Word, Excel and Powerpoint are available in App format. This makes creating, editing and finishing documents on the go very easy. Collaboration functions mean that multiple people can contribute to the same document, perfect for group projects.

3. Evernote

All smartphones will come equipped with a note taking app but they are generally limited in their ability to sync with other devices and in the case of Evernote, the ability to scan handwritten notes straight into the app.

4. Mathway

Struggling with equations? Mathway is here to help! It will help solve any mathematical problem for you, but will also guide you through the solution to help you better understand it. Mathway is a math tutor in your pocket. A scanning ability lets you photograph your working and Mathway will recognise it.


5. Google Drive

If you’ve got a Gmail account or any other type of Google login then you’ll be able to utilise their Drive system. Upload documents, images, videos and more. The free version includes up to 15
gigabytes of storage space, which will be more than enough for most students. For those studying multimedia courses you can upgrade to 100GB for £1.59/month or 200GB for £2.49/month.

6. Class Timetable

Keep track of you classes or lectures in a simple, visual way with Class Timetable. This app shows your day at a glance and, tilt your phone sideways, shows your week in an instant. Tasks lists can keep track of assignments and paid features include notifications and export functionality.

Student Life (University):

7. Circle of Six

Circle of Six helps to keep you safe. Two taps within the app lets your chosen six people know where you are and how they can help. Stranded after a last bus, stuck in an awkward date or in any situation where you don’t feel comfortable, Circle of Six is there to help. More than 300,000 users in 36 countries use it and the United States Air Force advises all its cadets to download the app.