Introduction to iGCSE and GCSE Tuition

GCSEs and iGCSEs are taken when a student is at the end of Year 11. They are the culmination of a child’s formative years of schooling, from Pre-Prep to Senior School.

At Think Tutors, we provide expert GCSE tuition and IGCSE tuition on all subjects. All our tutors are experts in their respective field so we can ensure you are getting the best GCSE tutors or IGCSE tutors available.

What are GCSE/iGCSEs?

At GCSE and IGCSE level, a child must study the core subjects of Maths, English and Science (comprising Biology, Chemistry and Physics). Beyond that, there are a range of additional subjects from which the child can choose to make up the rest of their GCSE/IGCSE subjects. These can include:

  • Geography
  • History
  • ICT
  • Religious Studies
  • Art
  • Music
  • Economics
  • Classics
  • Latin
  • Modern Languages

GCSE and IGCSE subjects are chosen by your child in Year 9.

There are five leading exam boards which commission GCSE and IGCSE exams. The style of questioning in each GCSE/IGCSE subject will vary depending on the exam board. Every one of our expert tutors knows the intricacies of the examinations, and can provide the correct learning material accordingly.

IGCSE & GCSE Tuition

At Think Tutors, we will provide you with a subject specific GCSE tutor or iGCSE tutor who is an expert in their respective field and is passionate about bringing the learning experience alive for your child.

As at every other stage of education, success in GCSE/iGCSE exams requires confidence and nurturing of your child’s own talents to unlock their full potential.

Our GCSE tutors and IGCSE tutors can operate in-person and we also have online GCSE tutors to make the tutoring process as easy and convenient as possible for your child and your family.

We can work with your child over a longer period of time, starting with two hours per week over the course of one or two years. If there is a sudden need for tuition, perhaps your child has received an unforeseen mock result, we are happy to step in and provide immediate assistance over an intensive period.

Our tutors often find that the child will know the subject matter at hand, but it is the approach to the exam which is letting them down. Think Tutors want to bring out the child’s confidence and cultivate a mindset of thinking through the question thoroughly before putting pen to paper. This allows many students to shine when it comes to the exam day.

If you require GCSE maths tutors, GCSE English tutors or GCSE science tutors, Think Tutors has an option for you. Along with GCSE English, Science and Maths tuition, we have specialist tutors who are experts in additional GCSE subjects.

At Think Tutors, we work closely with schools to provide tutors during the timetabled school day and into the early evening. We are a first-choice for schools who use our GCSE tutors and iGCSE tutors for intensive pre-exam revision sessions to address any subject weakness from the arts to sciences and to improve exam technique and confidence. Students can choose to work in a group or on an individual basis with a GCSE private tutor.

Our tutor was exceptional, showing the ability to convey
the course content in a simple yet concise manner,
making it easy to pick up and remember.

A-level student.

Thank you once again for the support
and guidance that you and Sebastian gave to our students,
it definitely did have a positive impact.

Head of Sixth Form

A stroke of brilliance.

Chris, father of BSc Geography dissertation student.

I now feel confident to take my exams and would like
to thank them for their patience and commitment
towards achieving my goal.

A-level student.

Very quick to reply to our initial search for a geography
tutor. They clearly have excellent knowledge of the
subject and the current curriculum.

Andrea, mother of A-level student.

James knows a lot about University
testing procedures and was able to give
advice on a difficult course.

Rhea, mother of BSc Astro Geochemistry student

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