With A-Level results day upon us, we wanted to share a guide to help you through what can be both a stressful and momentous day for many Students (and parents!).


When is results day?

Students in England and Wales will receive their A-Level results on Thursday, 16th August 2018.


When will I find out what my grades are?

It’s best to contact your school or college directly about this, as they all have different times that results can be collected from.


When can I find out if I’ve been accepted onto my chosen course?

The UCAS Track service is open from 8am on Thursday 16th August. This will only show a decision if your university or college has given UCAS their decision.

Track will only let you know if you’ve been accepted onto your first choice course / university. It will not tell you what your grades are. If your Track status hasn’t been updated by mid-morning, we advise calling your university as it means they haven’t made a decision yet. Track will be very busy on Thursday, so be patient if it’s taking a while to load or change your status.


What will Track show?

If a decision has been made by your university choices, and UCAS has been notified, your Track page will show the following changes to offers:

Unconditional – Your place on the course has been confirmed. This may be a firm or insurance offer, or both. Congratulations! Your offer letter will be on Track shortly, so make sure you read this carefully as some courses require further information.

Conditional – You’ve not been accepted by your choice(s). You’re now eligible to enter into Clearing.

Unconditional Changed Course (UCC) – You don’t have the necessary grades from your offer, but the university has proposed a similar course requiring lower grades.

I’ve exceeded my predicted grades. What choices do I have?

If you’ve done better than expected, you can consider applying through Adjustment, which lets you apply to a better course or university without losing your existing offer. You can find out more about Adjustment here


I didn’t get my required grades. What do I do?

Don’t panic! There are several options if you didn’t make your predicted grades.

Firstly, if you narrowly missed your required grades, give your chosen university a call to see if they will still accept you. They might offer you a place on a similar course with lower grade requirements.

If you want to get a paper remarked for university entry, you can do this but it must be done via your school or college, and it needs to be done by 23rd August. It’s best to speak directly to your school or college about arranging this.

Your next option would be to enter the Clearing process. This lets you apply for courses that still have places available. Clearing opens at 3pm on Thursday 16th, so you will have time to think about what you want to do and the courses you want to apply for. Universities do list available course prior to Results Day, and there’s no harm in doing some research before Thursday.

This guide to clearing from The Telegraph covers everything you need to know. Alternatively, check this page on the UCAS Website.


What other options do I have?

If you’re not sure what to do, you have a few options. If you’re not happy with your grades, you could speak to your school or college and look at retaking you exams in the next academic year, and reapply for university for the 2019 intake. If you’re considering this route and think you might benefit from some extra tuition, please send us an email and we’d be happy to assist.

If you have a confirmed place but don’t feel ready to go to university, you can contact your university and ask to defer your entry until September 2019. Not all universities or courses will honour your place for 2019, but you don’t lose your place by ringing up and asking the question.


Essential items for Results Days

  • Fully Charged phone
  • Note pad & Pen
  • Copy of Personal Statement
  • GCSE Results
  • UCAS Track Number, Universities’ UCAS & Clearing numbers
  • Contact details for your chosen universities.

Lastly, from everyone at Think Tutors we wish you good luck for your results day! We know first-hand how nerve wracking it can be but try not to panic or stress, and your school or college will also be on hand to offer assistance on the day.