Introduction to 7 and 8 Plus Tuition

The 7 or 8 Plus exams are used for entry into Lower Prep School at years 3 or 4 respectively and are an important milestone in a child’s early academic life.

Each independent school will have a slightly different test, usually consisting of Mathematics, English, verbal reasoning and an informal interview. We always tailor the tuition we provide around the schools you have selected for entry and we can provide experienced advice on the schools best suited for your child so that they get the most out of their education.

The tests are usually carried out in the January of the Spring term ready for September entry. However, a few schools test as early as November.

What is the 7 or 8 Plus Exam?

The 7 or 8 Plus is an entrance exam for independent fee-paying schools. These exams are competitive due to the limited number of spaces in independent schools. This competitiveness can put a lot of pressure on children at this young age. Rest assured, using Think Tutors ensures that your child has all the support they need and more so they can go into their 7 or 8 Plus exams confidently, our tutors have years of experience in working with a range of children and adapt their approach to work with your child.

At Think Tutors, we aim to support your family throughout this process by providing the very best 7 or 8 Plus tuition, whilst ensuring that our teaching is fun and engaging to get your child interested in learning.

Your child will be learning the test material and will be exposed to the style of questions that will appear in the 7 or 8 Plus exam. This ensures your child is comfortable on test day and will have no reason to panic.

The key to success with any examinations, including the 7 and 8 plus exams, is to prepare early. Preparing early ensures your child has the time needed to build their learning on any missing gaps, whilst also improving their exam confidence in both material and structure. We recommend starting up to 12 months before the 7 or 8 plus exams to give your child ample time to prepare to the best of their ability. By the time of the 7 or 8 plus examination, we want each child to be relaxed, confident and familiar with the exam so it just feels like another friendly tuition session.

Schools that accept entrance at 7 or 8 Plus include:

  • Alleyn’s Junior School
  • Bancroft’s Prep School
  • Bancroft’s School
  • Bute House
  • City of London School for Girls
  • Dragon School
  • Dulwich College Junior School
  • Dulwich Prep London
  • Eltham College
  • Forest Prep School
  • Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ and Girls’ Junior Schools
  • Hampton School
  • Highgate
  • James Allens’ Girls’ School
  • King’s College Wimbledon
  • Lady Eleanor Holles
  • Lambrook
  • Latymer Prep School
  • Magdalen College School
  • Manchester Grammar School
  • North London Collegiate School
  • South Hampstead High School
  • St Mary’s
  • St Paul’s Junior School
  • Sussex House
  • The Perse Prep
  • Westminster Cathedral Choir School
  • Westminster Under School

7 and 8 Plus Tuition

At Think Tutors, we provide your child with 7 or 8 Plus tutors who are highly experienced and have a true passion for teaching and bringing the learning experience alive for your child.

The 7 or 8 Plus is likely to be one of the first times your child will experience a formal examination, this can be daunting so here at Think Tutors, we support your child every step of the way to build their confidence in their ability to unlock their full potential. 

Our tutoring for the 7 or 8 plus can operate both online and face-to-face, making the process as convenient and simple as possible for your child. We work around your child's timetabled school day and your family commitments.

Our tutor was exceptional, showing the ability to convey
the course content in a simple yet concise manner,
making it easy to pick up and remember.

A-level student.

Thank you once again for the support
and guidance that you and Sebastian gave to our students,
it definitely did have a positive impact.

Head of Sixth Form

A stroke of brilliance.

Chris, father of BSc Geography dissertation student.

I now feel confident to take my exams and would like
to thank them for their patience and commitment
towards achieving my goal.

A-level student.

Very quick to reply to our initial search for a geography
tutor. They clearly have excellent knowledge of the
subject and the current curriculum.

Andrea, mother of A-level student.

James knows a lot about University
testing procedures and was able to give
advice on a difficult course.

Rhea, mother of BSc Astro Geochemistry student

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