For most parents, their child’s education is a top priority. Whilst private tuition isn’t a new phenomenon, it is in fact as old as education itself – Socrates tutored Plato, who in turn tutored Aristotle- it’s certainly growing in popularity with recent reports suggesting that a quarter of all children in the UK will have a private tutor at some point in their education.

So, why should you consider a private tutor for your child?

Build Confidence

If your child is struggling with a subject, or element of a subject, a private tutor can take things back to basics, if necessary, and iron out any difficulties they are experiencing. Parents find that even after a few sessions, understanding and in turn, their child’s confidence in the subject improves no end. Likewise, if your child has a solid understanding of a topic but you’d like to help increase this to achieve a strong exam result, tutors can give the increased attention necessary to assist with this.


Private tuition sessions also allow children to be open and honest if they don’t understand something. In a classroom, surrounded by their peers, it can be hard for children to admit that they don’t understand something or to ask questions. In a one-on-one environment, this is eliminated, allowing children to get the help and understanding that they need.

“Our tutor was exceptional, showing the ability to convey the course content in a simple yet concise manner, making it easy to pick up and remember”

It’s also worth noting, that during tutoring sessions, we find that the level of focus is enhanced greatly. Without friends, phones and distractions around, your child can give their full attention to the tutor and in turn much more subject matter can generally be covered, even if it’s a relatively short session.

Mentors & Role Models

Whilst we hope that our children have positive relationships with their teachers, there is often one that they just don’t get on with. A huge advantage of private tutors is that you can ensure it is someone that your child will respond positively to. Within the one-on-one setting, relationships and rapport builds quickly and we often find that our clients see their tutor as a mentor and role model for the future. Tutors can quickly help to instil a positive view of learning, and of your child’s abilities, often resulting in an improvement in self-esteem.

“Thank you once again for the support that you and Sebastian gave to our students, it definitely did have a positive impact”


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