Mock Exams. A sentence dreaded by most pupils on the verge of sitting national exams. But, whilst they may turn your child’s blood cold for a moment, they still play a vital role in preparing them for what is to come.

Mock exams are not designed to frighten those sitting them. The underlying aim is to give the pupils, teachers and parents an indication of what they will be going through (typically) in the next six to twelve months, the types of grades the pupils could expect to achieve, and (for some) a reality check as to the amount of work and revision required to get ready for the exams themselves.

A familiar setting

Most schools will try to hold mock exams in the actual room that the national exams will take place in, be this the main hall, exam room or sports halls. By doing so, it gives the pupils an idea of what its actually like to be under full exam conditions in the given space. When they return in to take the national exams, it eliminates the often-overwhelming feeling of “the great unknown” and, it also gives parents an extra point to reassure your child, that they’ve already done exams in that space before and lived to tell the tale!

Revision Prep

Without a doubt, mock exams are an excellent reminder to pupils of the volume of revision and work required to fully prepare for the real thing. Most schools will require pupils to do a mock in all their chosen subjects and the accompanying multiple papers, and not just the core of English, Maths & Science. We highly recommend working with your child to ensure they’ve got a comprehensive revision timetable to factor in enough time to prepare for all their subjects and papers.

Grade Expectations

Finally, Mocks give a realistic view of what grades your child could look to achieve in their real exams. Schools will tend to use recent past papers (often from the previous summer) and the official marking scheme to allow a clear indication of how your child will perform.

If for whatever reason your child does not achieve the predicted grades you and they were expecting, do not panic. There is still a good time frame before the exams take place to improve these, given some hard work and dedication on the part of the pupil.

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