Top Ten of the UK’s Best Private Schools

With the start of a new year upon us, many parents are looking to the future and weighing up options for the future education of their children. The UK boasts an extensive list of top class educational institutions – some of which are amongst t

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Tutors May Soon Legally Require a DBS

Some of you may have seen the article published by the BBC last week regarding criminal background checks for private tutors, which at Think Tutors is extremely important to us. Unfortunately due to a loophole in UK law, it is not a legal requirement

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Cyber Savvy: Schools to Offer Cyber Security in England

Hacking and cyber security has been a hot topic of 2016/2017 leading up to the US presidential election. The UK government now wants to introduce cyber security to schools in England, in the hope of training up a new breed of cyber experts to de

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