It has been an incredibly tough year for everyone, it’s a pandemic. It is being recognised that the silent victims of this time have been children: they’ve missed school, missed friends and family, missed opportunities.

The role of parents, teachers and tutors has been to step up in motivating, mentoring, minding these children, ‘Generation Covid’, to stay positive and stay engaged with learning and life through lockdown.

While some tutors and students were already familiar with remote learning, Zoom and academic online whiteboards, it is clear many were not. Tutors, teachers and their students had to get to grips with new technology in this transformed world.

My experience is that many of my students, generally ten years up, took this change to their lives in their stride, enjoyed their time at home in the main, while others found it difficult, struggling with technology and sharing devices with other members of the household. Moreover, I know that tutoring younger primary age children online has been vexing and tough. Parents should be applauded for taking much of the strain.

In recent years a large part of my tuition has been to instil resilience, an Olympic spirit, in my students and this has been paying dividends during the past year. Motivational videos and presentations from TED Talks to Bear Grylls and pep talks by me have helped my students face these challenging times with inner determination and they have acquitted themselves grandly.

All children have gone through different educational and life experiences in the past that developed their grit, their inner drive to persevere and succeed in their studies and later life. Now all children in the past year have had this one epic shared experienced. They will indeed have to catch up on lost time, but in the knowledge that they will all be catching up together.


Adam Muckle

BA (Hons) (Dunelm), LLM (London), Barrister FTA


March 2021