With Christmas just around the corner, you may be looking for some stocking fillers that add a bit more value and that won’t be forgotten about come boxing day. We’ve done the hard work for you and put together our top pick of educational gifts on the market this year. From science and geology to creative writing and movie making, we’ve got all interests covered and they combine learning in a fun and interactive way!


LeapFrog Magic Adventures Globe

For budding geographers, the LeapFrog Magic Adventure Globe is a great way to explore more than just countries and capital cities. Using the interactive screen and stylus, children can investigate cultures, animals, habitats and more with over 5 hours of BBC videos. It also includes 3 interactive games, great for play dates or family time over Christmas. £79.99 from Smyths Toy Store.


National Geographic Break Open Geodes

Perfect for aspiring treasure hunters, this kit from the National Geographic includes 10 geodes of differing sizes and colours to crack into and learn about. With a full learning guide included, this is a wonderful way to for kids to learn more about geology and have fun breaking open the geodes and displaying them round the house. £24.99 from Amazon.


Brainbox My First Maths Memory Game

The Brain Box memory game is a fun way to help younger children spark an interest in Maths. Covering essential topics such as shapes, numbers and measurements. Handy for keeping them busy over those long car journeys during the school holidays. Also available for English, Science, ABC, Animals & many more. From £10.00 from Amazon & Argos.

English & Drama

Rory’s Story Cubes

A simple and effective way to encourage creative thinking and writing for children and teenagers alike. Roll the cubes, see what topics come up and get creative with your own stories, plays and poems – the only limit is their imagination! £9.99 from StoryCubes.com.


Wild Science Bath Bomb Factory

A fun way to make bath bombs at home, with a scientific element – they’ll need to measure out and mix the right ingredients to make a successful bath bomb. Also a great way to introduce different elements and compounds and show how chemical reactions work in the wonderful world of chemistry. £11.99 from Amazon.

Children’s Hub Magnetic Building Set

These geometric building tiles come in a range of shapes and sizes and, with fully magnetized edges, allow you to create everything from simple shapes to 3D constructions. The tiles are translucent so your child can put the finished structure in direct sunlight, or hold up a torch, to see inside their 3D shape. Great for developing spatial, fine motor and creative skills in children of all ages, it’s suitable for age 3+. Available in a range of sizes, 100pcs set is £49.99 from Amazon.


Build Your Own Jet Engine

Perfect for aspiring aviators and engineers, the Haynes kit provides everything they need to build a working model of a turbofan engine. The see-through casing allows them to see the working engine inside, and the jet-engine sounds helps to bring the engine to life. Adult supervision is recommended and suitable for ages 10+. £39.99 from The Gift & Gadget Store.


Lego Movie Maker

This great set includes everything you need to create your own version of “The Lego Movie 2”. With a stage, backdrops, and a camera stand for your smart phone, you can also download a movie making app from Lego to help you on your way. This is sure to keep them entertained while learning new skills over the holidays and beyond. RRP £49.99, but currently £30 from Argos.


Merry Christmas and Happy Learning from the Think Tutor team!