The growth of the internet over the past two decades has had transformative effects on the business world, increasing productivity whilst bridging oceans, time zones and languages. Many of the tools and techniques used in this modernisation have also provided new opportunities for the private tutoring sector.

Online tutoring can offer convenience, flexibility and financial savings. Most families will already have all that they need to start receiving online tutoring. Face-to-face tutoring can take up precious time for a family, whereas online tutor support removes this potential burden from the daily routine and gives you more flexibility to receive tutoring at hours you otherwise wouldn’t be able to commit to. Juggling the tutoring needs of a family of three children can easily become a job itself so an online option can really help a busy family.

With around 93% of 12-17-year olds being active on the internet, online tutoring also offers a comfortable, friendly environment within which to learn.

Computed based training has been around since the advent of the personal computer in the 1980s. This method still supports professional training in many industries, but the shortcomings are obvious. Developing children and young adults still need the added value of emotional support, encouragement and understanding that are available from another human.

Online tutoring can now be just as interactive as being in the classroom, thanks to the endless opportunities for collaboration and methods of information sharing. Services like Skype or join.me can provide the visual and audio requirements of the student-tutor interaction. Platforms like Prezi offer both parties the chance to present information in more creative ways. Realtime collaboration can be made possible with programs like AWW App, a virtual whiteboard with multiple users contributing at the same time. Homework, reports or lesson material can easily be shared with services like WeTransfer.

Safety is very high when lessons are being conducted online, at Think Tutors we ensure that all our tutors undergo a number of stringent security checks including enhanced DBS verification.