We are proud to offer not only the traditional academic subjects in our tutoring arsenal, but also offer private art tuition. Studying an artistic course can be a lot harder than many initially imagine. So how can our art tuition help you?

We work with students at some of the top art, design, fashion and film schools in London and across the UK. Our tutors can provide guidance on a wide range of topics ranging from artistic techniques, knowledge of artistic theory and the history of art. Other areas include:

  • Establishing the creative process
  • Interpreting briefs and responses
  • Assisting with creative ideas
  • Providing industry expertise and knowledge
  • Critiques of work
  • Constructive feedback and guidance

How does art tutoring work?

We can offer tutoring to suit your schedule. One-on-one tuition in person is very popular, and your tutor may take you to visit galleries or to see artists in action. Alternatively, if your schedule is tight, or you are travelling a lot, online tuition is available.

Whether you’re undertaking a specialised course or are doing a degree in fine art, our artistic tutoring services can offer you the support and guidance you need to succeed and pass with flying colours. We will work with you to establish your learning goals and desired outcomes, and then create a personalised learning pathway for you.

What experience do our tutors have?

Our art tutors are the very best in their field, having undertaken extensive artistic and creative training, and most have worked in creative industries for many years, including advertising, fashion and the film industry.

How do I find out more?

Just contact us here and we can find out more about your requirements before you take things further.